Why marketing agencies are struggling to help clients, and how you can leverage the freelance market

First off, you need to understand the “why” of the industry. Let’s use the task of building a website. What once was a one person job, is now a team effort.  For example, eight years ago you could find one single person to create a website.  Nowadays, this is an impossible feat if you want it done right.  Now you will… Read more →

Plight of the Highway Squirrel

We’ve all seen it a thousand times.  The squirrel that darts out into the road, makes it past the first set of lanes only to stop in the middle, panic, then run BACK to where he came.  I witnessed it again this morning on my way to work.  As I saw this little guy scurry, stop, then retreat, I thought… Read more →

The Value of Coffee Shop Eavesdropping

Again…. same thing, different day. Sitting in the coffee shop can produce some of the best research on the pulse of your local business culture. Why is this important? That depends if you actually care about your business growing, and being relevant in your  community…city… state… country…. internationally. Internationally? Seriously, is that important?  YES, YES, and YES. Why you ask?… Read more →