Our Process

We offer a no risk guarantee, because we are so confident in our process and product

First step . . . How it works and what you will get 

  1. We plan a one hour prep phone call to gather information about your company
  2. We schedule a 3 hour in person (or Skype) work session where we start to problem solve your direct issues.
  3. We head back and do 5 hours of work on the projects you identified, and provide you a detailed followup document that outlines the solutions we created during the work session, and the one deliverable you pre selected.

Cost is $2500.  It’s the perfect way to get rolling, and get to know us and the value we can provide.  If you don’t feel there has been any value add to your company, we don’t bill you.  Period.

We work for YOU . . . not the vendors

We take great pride in walking a client through creating their own strategic process and executing on the solutions.  We can work with your internal staff, existing vendors, or we can provide the technicians from our specialized expert collective. Either way, its a custom built solution that works and produces results!   These professionals (ours and/or yours)  are lead by a team of seasoned project managers that are assigned to each project, guaranteeing the end result.


Project Clarification is Rule #1

We follow this proven process:

  1. We DISCOVER your unique identity.  We get crystal clear on who you are..and are not
  2. We IDENTIFY what success means, and how to measure it
  3. We CREATE  an innovative strategy and plan based on this criteria
  4. We DEPLOY  that plan into action.. and carefully monitor its success
  5. We EVALUATE, adjust, then redeploy…repeat as necessary until a fine tuned operation is achieved!


There is nothing worse that having creative folks geek out on how many “clicks” and “likes” they have gotten you, when the end result is no increase in revenue.  Ugh.  We make sure all marketing efforts ACTUALLY work towards the end goal.